The Chamberlain’s Experience


The Chamberlain’s experience is one that is shared with friends, family and business associates, whether they are 10,50,100 or 1,500 in number.

Having established its reputation through decades of delivering Dallas’ finest food and service within intimate settings at both Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House and Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill, the team also offers private dining and catering experiences – and an ability to take its world-class cuisine on the road.


From a wedding atop Aspen Mountain in Colorado or a group of 500 on a ranch outside of Lubbock to cooking to order over 400 ribeye steaks in 45minutes for a local Dallas Business, Chamberlain’s rises to the occasion. Or when the city of Addison wants to show off its very finest for one of their most special annual events, Chamberlain’s catering team serves over 1500 people a gourmet, 3-course meal over 3 days. Who else than a quarter-century restaurant and catering group with pride in excellence would the city turn to as its partner?

Private Dining


“The city trusts us, that we’re going to come in there with our best food, best service staff and best management team,” said Chef Richard Chamberlain. For groups that would rather experience the Chamberlain’s experience at Chamberlain’s Steakhouse or Seafood Restaurants, private dining rooms of all sizes are wired for corporate events at both locations. From pharmaceutical companies to financial planners to automotive industry leaders, Chamberlain’s makes business and entertaining a seamless partnership.

“They know we’re experts at it and they want the very, very best,” said Jennifer Boucher, Special Events Manager at Chamberlain’s. “The service. The staff. All extremely professional. There’s a real willingness to accommodate and please the guest.” Yet it’s hard to argue that any setting is more perfect for the one-of-a-kind Chamberlain’s touch than a rehearsal dinner, wedding or anniversary. Chef Richard Chamberlain and proprietor Jeffrey Barker say no honor is greater than when a customer trusts them with their family weddings and celebrations.“

Like Cooking for Family

We’re going to put our hearts into it, just like we were cooking for our own families,” Richard said. One secret of pulling off your friends’ wedding or their business function or your city’s pride and joy event is to treat off-site customers with the exact touch and experience provided in the restaurants.

“A lot of caterers use outside staffing to save money and they’re not experienced,” Richard said. “Our customers trust us. They know it will be our own chefs and service staff and that we will buy the very best products. ”Depending on the season, it can be Alaskan halibut, local Texas red snapper, king crab legs, wild salmon or sushi-grade tuna. And if even a single member of a party seated at Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill is instead in the mood for something from the famed Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House, that’s no problem. Nobody works the blocks of Belt Line Road between the restaurants like the Chamberlain’s team.

No Limit Menu

While both vegan and vegetarian offerings are on the menus and excellently prepared, not even the menus themselves are a limit. The Chamberlain’s experience is a staff trained in fine performance – to make every effort to provide each customer with an unforgettable experience. An experience that chain eateries don’t have the flexibility to provide.“ A caller might want to do a lobster boil tomorrow. We can and will do the best lobster boil in Dallas,” Jeffrey said. A wine tasting, scotch tasting, whiskey tasting or most anything within the broad capabilities of Chamberlain’s expert mixologists can also be spun on short notice. The lone constant is excellence, regardless if it’s a Chamberlain’s experience to be shared with a single customer or 1,500.

Terrence Gordon